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Meet SparkV
Evolutionize Your Server!

Create the best Discord server with Discord's #1 Multipurpose Discord bot.

Modern, Customizable, SparkV
Why SparkV?

  • Beautiful

    SparkV is all about making your server look and feel amazing according to how you want it.

  • Configurable

    Every feature can be changed to best fit your server.

  • 24/7

    SparkV's 24/7 uptime guarantees that your server will always look amazing.

What's so great about SparkV?

1. 🎵 Music

Play high quality music in your VC! SparkV has a beautiful music interface, making SparkV the #1 Most Liked Discord Music Bot.

*Supports YouTube, Spotify & SoundCloud

How can I believe you??
Listen to Our Many Reviewers!

  • The Ebic Gamer's Review
    The Ebic Gamer

    Very cool bot, it has lots of pretty cool features that you can use. It also fuels my gambling addiction.

    SparkV User

  • Wumpus's Review

    Cool bot! It's really fun and enjoyable.

    Owner of Wumps

  • Danikcool's Review

    one of the best fun bots I have ever used. there are a lot of commands like /text asciify, /image (many things here) /screenshot (let screenshot a site)...

    SparkV User

  • CelestialProtogen's Review

    This super cool bot with good stuff.

    SparkV User

  • The Digital's Review
    The Digital

    Nice and funny bot, good luck in future!

    Developer of Status Bot & System Updates