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Powerful, Modern, SparkV. A multipurpose bot with Music, Memes, AI Chatbot, Currency, Leveling, Utility, a dashboard, and more.


Why use SparkV?

SparkV is loved by more than 157,000 users as an outstanding bot with Music, Memes, Money, and more.

Quality Music

SparkV has high quality and breath-taking music. Not to mention, the beautiful UI that goes with it. Perfect for karaoke night!

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Hilarious Memes

SparkV has memes that will make you smile.

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Rich Economy

SparkV has a rich economy system. Perfect for generating chat activity!

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SparkV contains many fun/game commands that will keep your server active!

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The Ebic Gamer"s Review
The Ebic Gamer

Very cool bot, it has lots of pretty cool features that you can use. It also fuels my gambling addiction.

SparkV User

Wumpus"s Review

Cool bot! It's really fun and enjoyable.

Owner of Wumps

Danikcool"s Review

one of the best fun bots I have ever used. there are a lot of commands like /text asciify, /image (many things here) /screenshot (let screenshot a site)...

SparkV User

CelestialProtogen"s Review

This super cool bot with good stuff.

SparkV User

The Digital"s Review
The Digital

Nice and funny bot, good luck in future!

Developer of Status Bot & System Updates